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    On The Horizon: New Carnival Ship To Debut With Diverse Itineraries

    Carnival Cruise Line‘s newest ship, Carnival Horizon is set to debut April 2018.  Loaded with interesting features, the 3,963-passenger ship will sail a wide array of exciting and diverse itineraries featuring breathtaking destinations throughout the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Now under construction in Italy, second Vista Class ship Carnival Horizon will boast many of the popular indoor and outdoor dining, bar, entertainment and activity ...

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    American Transcontinental Experience Set To Soar

    Our friends at American Airlines are making select coast-to-coast flights even better by adding free meals in the Main Cabin.  It all happens on American’s Airbus A321T trans-continental service on flights in both directions between Los Angeles and New York , and between San Francisco and New York .  The reason this American transcontinental experience story caught our attention: Many cruise travelers ...

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    Gear Review: The Perfect Travel Headphones

    Traveling to and from embarkation ports is commonly just something to get past on the way to the main attraction.  Once on the cruise ship, we have a high degree of confidence in the ability of cruise lines to take good care of travelers.  But we have to get there first and that often means flying.  The process of flying can be made easier with helpful ...

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    Windstar Direction Fueled By Talent, Respect And Just 200 People

    In a way, Windstar Cruises has been through hell and back, a couple times.  Changing management commonly sends shock waves through any organization as rank and file employees stand by, waiting to see what filters down to street level.  Like the loss of a loved one, divorce or a career change, not knowing what comes next can bring debilitating stress to an otherwise smooth ...

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    The Viking River Cruise Experience

    Sailing with Viking River Cruises after the 2017 Viking Longships Christening, we’re taking another look at what the unique river cruising travel experience is all about.  Through a variety of social sharing platforms (see below) and right here, some images and thoughts reflecting what Viking is doing right now.  If you’ve not sailed with Viking on a river cruise yet, I hope ...

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    Wonderful Places You Can See On A Cruise

    As the name of this blog would indicate, I cruise.  Travel by cruise ship is my preferred way to go with few exceptions.  Actually just one exception and I’ll get to that shortly.  Via ships of all sizes, on a number of cruise lines, I’ve traveled enough miles to circle the globe more than a dozen times.  Seen along the way, wonderful places ...

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    Viking Longships Christening One Part Of A Great Big Wonderful Story

    Lately, a lot of attention has been devoted to fast-growing Viking Ocean Cruises.  Rightfully so, Viking’s ocean experience is a perfect fit for many of us.  It’s a topic we’ll come back to here shortly and revisit often as more travelers join the Viking ocean family.  Today though, the topic is Viking River Cruises and the launch of two new Viking Longships. ...

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