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    Cuba Cruise Options Expand In Surprising New Ways

    American travelers commonly begin their cruise history with a sailing to the Bahamas or the Caribbean.  If they like what they experience, they come back for more, often sailing to the same places multiple times.  Cruise lines keep that interest level high by creating new destinations designed to offer something new.  A number of travelers will naturally move on to sail in other parts of the ...

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    Getting There: American Basic Economy

    On the heels of United Airlines new Basic Economy fare, American Airlines today announced it too will begin selling Basic Economy fares in addition to the wide range of Main Cabin fares currently offered. Cruise travelers looking to save on the cost of getting to the embarkation port may like the new no-frills tickets, aimed to provide flexible way for their customers to pay ...

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    Eclectic Miami Hotels A Popular Cruise Option

    Flying into Miami a day or two before sailing is a popular cruise option any time of the year.  Tapping any hotel booking source we find rather quickly that there are a lot of choices for pre- or post-cruise hotel stays in the Magic City.  Cruise travelers often choose hotel brands they are familiar with or loyal to as a safe bet which makes sense ...

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    Three Cruise Travel Secrets We Never Told Anyone, Until Now

    After their very first sailing, travelers commonly become comfortable with the idea of cruising.  Like so many other things in life, first-hand experience has a way of doing that.  Sail a few times and falling into a routine of sorts is common as well.  They become comfortable arriving at the embarkation port early, late or somewhere in-between.  Once on board, their first stop might be lunch ...

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    River Cruise Packing List Superstars: Don’t Leave Home Without Them

    After a number of river cruise sailings it has become abundantly clear that there are some huge differences between river cruising and ocean cruising.  Those differences demand a different packing list that includes some critical gear needed to get the most out of the experience. This is not a new topic here; we have covered what river cruising is all about for ...

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    Favorite Food Moments From Around The Planet

    As we travel from place to place around the globe,  elements of life change as one might expect.  Languages, currency, weather, associated attractions and landmarks are easy to tag as different.  Stay a while and both social and economic differences come to light as well when compared to our baseline home country status.  Some of these variables are easy to compare, others take ...

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    Smart Money: Now Carnival Cruise Line Accepts PayPal

    Travelers like the inclusive nature of a cruise vacation that often brings far greater value than visiting the same place by land or air. Cruise lines allow booking far in advance too which brings the opportunity pre-pay that amazing experience, avoiding the post-travel depression of credit card bills that can linger for years after.  Now, in a ‘why didn’t someone think of this before?” ...

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