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    Long Caribbean Cruise Popularity Rises

    It makes sense when traveling from the United States to Europe: As long as we’re taking the time to go there, why not make it a longer travel experience?  The process of getting there is the same regardless of how long we stay.  To that end, travel companies are offering an increasing number of options that last longer.  Extensions on land tours make sense and we ...

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    In Reflection: The Windstar Cruises Experience

    After travel, we take a step back to consider the overall experience and round up photos, articles and other information published along the way.  That process of reflection brings a list of links to resources we have used before travel and those created on the road.  We want to present an accurate reflection of what we actually experienced while traveling.  Sailing with Windstar ...

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    Viking Resident Historians Sustain Quest To Reinvent Cruise Travel

    Last summer, Viking Cruises sailed to the Caribbean for the first time and we were there.  Viking Star and twin-sister Viking Sea had been reinventing ocean cruising around the world, sailing the Mediterranean and the Baltics since their launch.  Reports coming back from the 962-passenger ships were fabulous.  Still, the biggest test lie ahead as Viking Star came the Caribbean, a part of the world quite ...

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    Luxury On Sale: Distinctive Voyages Bring Bonus Value, Convenience

    At one time or another, just about every upscale travel company has claimed to be the one that defines luxury.   Understandable, they all fish from a rather small pond of upmarket clients.  If nothing else, they want their perceived membership in the luxury sector a solid one.  Hoping to resonate with luxury travelers, they take every opportunity to promote their version of ...

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    Unique New Alaska Travel Options

    Alaska travel season begins in May, traditionally kicked off here by news of a Holland America Line ship being first to arrive in the land of the midnight sun.  Rightfully so, between Holland America and sister-line Princess Cruises, more travelers visit Alaska than all other cruise lines combined. We’ll come back to them shortly.  First, some unique new Alaska travel options to know about ...

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    Several Ways Around Electronics Ban On Flights

    A recent electronics ban on flights to the United States from a number of Muslim-majority countries prohibits laptops, tablets and other portable electronic devices in the aircraft cabin. Still possible: packing those banned items in checked luggage. Reality: packing a laptop in checked luggage is a horrible idea, as we found out first-hand years ago. Good news: there are several ways around this. If ...

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    Our Viking Anniversary Adventure Year Begins

    In September, we travel with Viking River Cruises on a 13-day voyage that promises to “reveal the real Russia as never before”.  It’s a special Viking Anniversary adventure that sails where the popular river cruise line began, 20 years ago.  After a number of sailings with Viking River Cruises, we know the drill: they deliver what they promise and then some.  Knowing the quality experience ...

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